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Fix master MKT wedge anchor option 1


Due to its high performance as well as its easy and quick installation, the wedge anchor BZ with European Technical Assessment can be used for a wide variety of applications. The long thread length and two approved anchoring depths allow the BZ wedge anchor greater flexibility of use. The option for reduced anchoring depth saves time during drilling and reduces the installation effort. Using a suction drill also eliminates the need for blowing out the drilled hole.


– Approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete (ETA Option 1)
– Approved for seismic loads categories C1 & C2
– Tested fire resistance up to 120 minutes
– Suitable for natural stone
– Two different embedmenth depths for flexibility
– Very wide range, sizes up to M27
– Reduced anchoring depth minimizes drilling time
– Use of vacuum drill bits eases installation
– Anchoring with standard anchoring depth for the highest loads
– Anchoring with reduced depth for fast installation
– ”Short” anchors are very cost effective
• Only one (reduced) anchoring depth to minimize drilling
– Two different sprinkler approvals (Vds and FM)
– Shock approval


Medium to heavy duty anchoring in cracked and non-cracked concrete: Steel beams, base plates, channels, tracks, wood structures.

Load values and specifications for wedge anchor Fix master MKT BZ Zn and A4

Load values and specifications for wedge anchor Fix master MKT BZ A4

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CE Declaration of Performance(DoP)

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