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We are a trusted partner, and our customers can make the use of their own resources more efficient while improving the productivity and quality of their processes. We serve customers in the following sectors and meet their needs.

Our customers


Our industrial customers can use our Lean solutions that employ the latest technology and let us handle their small accessories logistics, either fully or partly, all the way to the assembly points. Our solutions are efficient, timely and reliable.


We have decades of experience in project deliveries in the construction and industrial sectors. We optimize our deliveries in the course of the project on the basis of the customer’s instructions and deliver goods to our customers’ sites or partners, both in Finland and across the world. We deliver products in boxes, on pallets and in containers.

Picture by Länsimetro Oy Janne Lehtinen

Picture by Länsimetro Oy Janne Lehtinen



Our intelligent store solutions ensure that the store’s restocking orders are placed at the right time so that the shelves are never empty. We offer visible and instructive display options and procedures for different customer groups, including consumers, construction professionals, industrial customers and maintenance providers.


We specialize in fasteners, and we offer designers information, training and intelligent software that take into account the requirements and standard of each application. We develop solutions to different fastening challenges together with our c-partners.



Reliable, cooperative and friendly.

Good and reliable partner.

Reliable. That is the most important quality. Good products.

Smooth, flexible and excellent service.

Ferrometal is efficient and fast. I have nothing more to say.

Efficient, good service, premium products and an excellent contact person.

The web shop is great, too. If we have any questions, they always answer really quickly.

I appreciate their reliability: they stick to the agreed prices, timetables and deliveries.

They react to problems quickly, investigate them properly and get back to us promptly. The deliveries arrive as agreed and at the right time.

Smooth cooperation – if there is a problem, they solve it quickly.