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TCB – Tension Control Bolts: lowest cost method for pre-loaded joints


TCB complies to the latest norms of steel structure engineering

TCB is a fastening solution according to the Eurocode system for pre-loaded high friction grip joints (EN 14399-10). TCBs complies to the requirements of property class 10.9 / 10 and the minimum values of preload defined in EN 1090-2 are achieved. This means that they are interchangeable with other fastening systems.


Here are few examples of the many applications for TCB system:


TCBs can be used also in joints where only shearing forces exists. In these cases the undeniable advantage is the speed of installation achieved by the use of TCB system.

Advanced technology in installing and tightening

TCB asennus 1
TCB asennus 2
TCB asennus 3
TCB asennus 4

TCB is extremely quick, easy and safe to install. One man can install and tighten the joint. Visual inspection can be easily done to check whether the joint has been manufactured or not. With one shear wrench several dimensions can be installed just by changing the socket of a right size.

For limited space installation there are available sophisticated tools to complete the job. With non impacting electrical shear wrenches there is no risk for hand-arm vibration syndrome.

With TCBs, consistent tension is achieved in the joint which do not loosen with vibration. No additional locking elements are needed.

There is no risk of bolt relaxation since no torsional shear is induced during tightening.

Determination of bolt length is done from the enclosed table.


High performance yet environment friendly Greenkote coating

Greenkote is a new innovative diffusion coating developed for the corrosion protection of TCBs. The process is a thermochemical surface modification and can be used for various metals, alloys, sintered ferrous-based materials, grey iron and cast iron.

• Totally environment friendly.
• Salt spray resistance up to 1200 hours.
• No risk of hydrogen embrittlement.
• Long-term corrosion protection up to 400 °C.
• Coating thickness uniformity +/- 5 microns.
• Excellent preparation for painting.
• Greenkote does not include forbidden chrome VI or chrome III particles.